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"Mr. Poop Goes Home" is a charming children's book that takes young readers on a whimsical adventure with a lovable charchter named Mr. Poop.  Follow Mr. Poop as he embarks on a journey to find his way back home, encountering colorful friends and unexpected challenges along the way.  

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With engaging illustrations and a heartwarming story, this book not only entertains but also teaches important lessons about determination and friendship.  It's a delightful read that will leave kids giggling and inspired.

AY - Ontario

“My son LOVES Mr. Poop!  It is in frequent rotation at our house."

MJ -Florida

“My daughter asks for this book 5 out of 7 nights."

LD - Minnesota

“Both my kids love this book.  My daughter even asked me, 'Can you draw Mr. Poop for me?'. 
So cute!”


Minneapolis, MN

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