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Fun fact: I was named after a cruise ship.  Yep!  The S.S. Carla is my name sake.  If nothing else it's a good ice breaker :)

I was born in Minnesota to parents of Norwegian, Dutch, and German decent.  Yet, I grew up in Texas from the age of two.  My mom tells me that I've always leaned toward creative ventures and away from what was "normal" or "expected."  This has created a life full of interesting and, shall we say, colorful experiences.   Like the time I got caught by campus police swimming in the University's water fountain.  Come on, it was Texas and I was REALLY hot.

On a fun and winding road I came back to Minnesota, and live here with my husband and two kids.  They are a constant source of support and inspiration.

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My Life with Story

I have fond memories of being read to as a child - both at home and in school.  I remember sitting in a group with other kids in my class, and being captivated by the reader / storyteller.  My elementary librarian was especially animated, and for this reason I always looked forward to "library days." 


Now, whether I am reading to my kids, or visiting classrooms, I love bringing stories to life.  It brings me joy to see them get excited as they make connections and draw their own conclusions.  I truly believe that we are all storytellers.  Give it a whirl with your little people and see what happens.  

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